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Luftwaffe Electrically Heated Flying Boots

Luftwaffe Electrically Heated Flying Boots

Code: B19731


Size 28 (cm). These 24 volt electrically heated boots are the same pattern as the standard single zip flying boot but feature a heating element in the foot section. The boots were connected via the small press studded tab at the top to corresponding tabs on the flying suit or trousers.  This pair have no label or markings but would appear to be of mid-war construction, the suede upper panels being of generally even colour and the buckles and zips nickel plated. Later boots feature an increased number of panels and plastic zips.  

The leather foot sections are in good order but have some colour loss and show general wear and tear with some nicks and cuts.  The suede uppers are undamaged but have some rubbing and marking.  Both boots have small sections of loose or missing stitching  (see photos) but these are not a problem and could easily be rectified if desired.  The original 'Ri-Ri' zips are good and retain their leather pull tags.  Both 'Original Wilop' soles and heels show considerable wear.  Both upper and lower straps are good but the friction buckles have lost most of their black paint finish.   The sheepskin linings are patchy with most remaining in the leg sections.  The areas around the ankles and into the foot show considerable moulting/loss.  The insole area is marked '28' which we believe equates to something around a modern size 9.  The length of the boot measured externally from toe to heel is approximately 31.5cm. Both electrical wiring tabs remain in position.  These have evidently seen quite a lot of use but remain in presentable and very displayable condition.  Stock code B19731.