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Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Type 10-76B-1

Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Type 10-76B-1

Code: MW19270


FL.30156. Kapok type schwimmweste. Comprised of a number of kapok filled cotton canvas rolls bound together with thick cord to form a basic waistcoat. This second pattern was introduced in 1943 and had an 'open' back designed to prevent instability problems found with the earlier full-backed version. A large collar provided head support that could be adjusted with the use of press studs on each side. The vest fastened at the front using basic wooden toggles and cord.

The cotton 'sausages' are in good condition. There is some staining and fading but no damage bar one small frayed area (see photo). All straps are present - again with some staining, fading and rusting of metal componants - the worst are photographed. There is a small stitched repair to the cord holding one of the metal strap rings (see photo). The collar press studs have verdigris deposits and the painted covers have flaked (see photos). These might improve with careful cleaning. No label and faint markings.

Well used but in good condition and an excellent display piece. Stock code MW19270.