RAF Pilot's Notes : Lancaster I, III & X

RAF Pilot's Notes : Lancaster I, III & X

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A.P. 2062A (3rd edition), 2062C (2nd edition), 2962F (1st edition).  Pilots's and Flight Engineer's Notes.  Original copy dated 4/44. 46 pages with pullout diagrams/photos. Covers a general description of the aircraft including fuel and oil systems; aircraft controls; engine controls; other controls including intercomms.  Part II deals with handling, part III - operating data for the Merlin XX and Merlin 22, 24, 28 or 38 engine, Part IV - emergencies - includes engine failure, feathering, damage by enemy action, parachute exits, dinghy and ditching, bomb doors emergency operation, bomb jettisoning, parachutes, signal pistols etc. Part V deals with data and general handling notes for flight engineers. Finally part VI has illustrations of the cockpit, flight engineer's panel and simplified fuel diagrams.  The cover is quite clean but a little dog-eared/creased.   Very good used condition. Stock code P20559.