RAF / USAAF 'Grow'  anti-flak helmet

RAF / USAAF 'Grow' anti-flak helmet

Code: HDFGF1


M4 Anti-flak helmet.  Manufactured by Wilkinson Sword in the UK.  These were designed by General  Malcolm Grow, surgeon general to the 8th AAF during WW2.  Designed to fit over the RAF C-type or AAF A-11 flying helmet with a cut-out for the earpieces and receivers.  Manufactured using overlapped Hadfield manganese steel plates with a chromed leather covering.  It has a simple chamois lining and leather chinstrap with pronged buckle fastening.  Although initially intended for use by those aircrew in confined positions such as ball and top turrets, it was more widely issued within the AAF and used by RAF crews flying American aircraft like the B-17 and Hudson.  The shell retains very good shape although there is some wear, scuffing, loss of chromed finish to the leather etc.  The lining has average soiling and a few small holes as shown.  Faintly marked with a patent number and has the wording 'This belongs to' and an indecipherable name.  The chinstrap is in good order with 'Lift-the-Dot' fastener and a black painted single pronged buckle.  A good '+' example of an extremely rare helmet.  This is about the fifth we've had in 30 years and the first we have offered for sale in 9 years.  Please note that the C-type/head shown are not included in the sale.  You are buying the anti-flak helmet alone.  Stock code HDFGF1.