Air Diagram - Dakota Fuel Systems, 1943

Air Diagram - Dakota Fuel Systems, 1943

Code: P24016


W: 99cm (39")H: 68.5cm (27")


Air diagram 3786.  Sheet 1 of 1, May 1943.  Printed for H.M. Stationary Office by Multi Machine Plates Ltd., London.  Approximately 99 x 68.5cm.  Lovely colour RAF / Air Ministry instructional poster for the fuel systems on the Douglas C-47 'Dakota' I, II & III aircraft.  Colour coded key shows the main supply, vents, pressure gauges, engine selection controls etc. Also has an inset showing the fuselage fuel tanks.  Colours are strong and bright but the poster has been folded and is a bit crumpled looking with some creasing, dog-eared corners, edge tears etc.  No damage is serious and some tears have been repaired using acid free archival tape on the back.  Overstamped 'Technical Publication Dept.  Royal Aircraft Establishment, 10 Sept. 1943'.  There is a handwritten message on the reverse relating to the obtaining of the poster c. 9/43. A great display piece.  Stock code P24016.