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Air Diagram - Kite balloon winch, 1942

Air Diagram - Kite balloon winch, 1942

Code: P22478


Air Ministry Air Diagram 4081. Sheet 1 of 1.  Prepared by the Ministry of Aircraft Production. Printed by Chromoworks Ltd. London.  Dated November 1942. Approximately 113 x 88cm.  Very large colour poster of the Kite Balloon Winch MK.VI.  RAF Kite Balloons, better known as Barrage Balloons, were deployed by the Barrage Balloon Command during WW2 to protect airfields, cities, harbours and other key target areas.  The poster has been folded and has some splits and small holes along the creases and edges, some of which have been stabilized with acid free archive repair tape.  Good bright colours and displays very well.  Stock code P24478.