Air Photography Booklet, 1942

Air Photography Booklet, 1942

Code: P20293


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 13cm (5.1")


'Air Photography, A Pocket Memorandum for Pilots and Air Observers'.  Compiled and issued by HQ, Rhodesian Air Training Group, September 1942.  P/b, approximately 10 x 13cm, 44p.  This covers the use of air photography in war and the military value of air photographs.  It also covers the F.24 air camera and associated equipment. plus general flying procedure for air photography.  This covers the method of approaching the pinpoint or start point, overlaps, stereo pairs and so on.   The cover is marked and the single staple rusted.  Named to owner on the inside front cover and also stamped '21 S.F.T.S., Kumalo, Photographic Section'.  An interesting little booklet.  Stock code P20293.