Pilot's Notes General, 1943

Pilot's Notes General, 1943

Code: P20631


W: 12cm (4.7")H: 18cm (7.1")


Air Publication 2095, 2nd edition.  P/b, 12 x 18cm. 132p, 1943.  Consists of a collection of notes for pilots of operational aircraft, supplementing the information contained in the Pilot's Notes for each type.  Some of the Notes are applicable to all operational aircraft, other Notes deal with special features, such as the tricycle undercarriage, and with special equipment such as the automatic pilot, which will be met on a number of types.  Chapters cover General Flying Notes; Engines and Propellers; Accessories and Emergencies. The cover is a bit grubby and the staples are corroded.  Some amendment sheets have been pasted within the pages. Interesting information on survival in dinghies; by parachute (note to loosen collar and tie before jumping or during descent!) and use of the G-type and 'newly introduced' H mask.  Good used condition.  Stock code P20631.