RAF Airborne Lifeboat Mk.II manual

RAF Airborne Lifeboat Mk.II manual

Code: P15189


W: 21cm (8.3")H: 25cm (9.8")


A.P.2761B. Airborne Lifeboat Mk.II - Instructions for a ditched crew.  First edition, November 1944.  S/b,  21 x 25cm, 29p.  Prepared by direction of the Ministry of Aircraft Production.  Airborne lifeboats were designed to be dropped from Lancasters, Warwicks & Hudsons, its descent to the water slowed by parachutes. When it hit the water the parachutes were jettisoned and rockets launched 300 ft (90 m) lifelines.  Chapter one of this manual gives a detailed procedure of immediate action to be taken when all of the aircrew are aboard from clearing the parachutes and hauling in the rocket lines to setting up the compass, lowering the keel and starting the engine etc.  Chapter two covers sailing technique, navigation and use of the radio including erection of mast/sails, launching of the kite aerial etc.  The final chapter covers leadership of the crew, first aid procedures etc.  The manual is printed on a type of thick waxy waterproofed paper and has illustrations.  There is some marking/damp stains and wear but the general condition is reasonably good.  An extremely rare manual.  Stock code P15189.