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RAF airfield construction course manual

Code: P21588

Dimensions:W: 18.5cm (7.3")H: 24cm (9.4")D: 1cm (0.4")


A record of an instructional course given to members of the R.A.F. Airfield Constructional Service at the road research laboratory, department of scientific and industrial research, July - August 1943.  The purpose of the course was to train officers in the uses of soils, concrete and bituminous materials in airfield construction. P/b, 18.5 x 24cm, 313p. 1943.  Covers 'soils and airfield construction', 'concrete' and 'bitumen and tar'.  The book is worn, soiled/dog-eared and the cover is partially detached.  Nevertheless, this does give an insight into the trials and tribulations of wartime airfield and runway construction.  Stock code P21588.

RAF airfield construction course manual