RAF Bomber Command raid report  No.433

RAF Bomber Command raid report No.433

Code: P22873-215


RAF Bomber Command raid report No.433 for night operations that took place on 2nd/3rd January 1945.  Single sheet, approximately 21.5 x 19cm.  It details the Lancaster bomber of F/O Bolton, code NG201, which was part of a raid attacking Nurnberg.  Bolton took off from Scampton with 1 x 4000lb HC 'blockbuster' bomb, 9 x 150lb incendiaries and 120 4.5lb 'X' type bombs.  The aircraft was fitted with H2S MK.II Fishpond 'RADAR'.  Visibility and illumination is noted as excellent and a huge explosion was seen from the target.  The paperwork is a little dog-eared/creased around the edges but generally in very good condition.  With official stamp and pencil annotation.  Interesting original documents relating to Bomber Command sorties over Germany during the last few weeks of the war.  Stock code P22873-215.