RAF calendar, 1943

RAF calendar, 1943

Code: P22873-70


W: 27cm (10.6")H: 29cm (11.4")


Official Royal Air Force calendar for the year of 1943.  Published by Conrad's Fine Art Publishing Company, London.  Approximately 27 x 29cm.  Spiral bound.  Double sided.  Each month features a famous RAF aircraft.  These include the Lancaster, Catalina, Wellington, Lightning, Halifax, Hudson, Beaufighter, Hurricane, Stirling, Spitfire, Boston and Sunderland.  Most images are British Official Photos, others by Charles E Brown & courtesy of 'The Aeroplane'.  Condition is not good.  The front cover is heavily creased, damaged and has evidently come off and replaced using tape.  Inner pages have ragged edges with small tears and some paper loss.  A bit tatty but still a great rare item.  Stock cdoe P22873-70.