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RAF Fighter Command Secret Intelligence Summary, c.1942

RAF Fighter Command Secret Intelligence Summary, c.1942

Code: P22873-149


Fighter Command Intelligence Summary No. 357.  Sunrise 10.9.42 to Sunrise 18.9.42.  Foolscap, 3 sheets (1 smaller, Summary No.357 Part II).  Details enemy and allied sorties during this period with types of aircraft, pilots' names, aircraft damaged etc.  For example : '12th Sept.  A special Spitfire IX up at 0927 hours engaged a Ju.86-P-1, which had flown by way of Fecamp and Southampton to the Salsibury area.  After climbing to 38,0000 ft. the Spitfire saw trails above him.  He climbed to 41,000 ft, jettisoned his petrol tank and both aircraft climbed to 42,500 ft when the Ju.86 jettisoned one bomb, which fell S.E. of Salisbury.  The Spitfire closed to 200 yds. dead astern and fired a 3 second burst of cannon, closing to 150 yds. and observed one strike on the starbord mainplane.  Our pilot climbed to 44,000 ft. dived, and closed to 400 yds. but the Ju.86 evaded by a turn which was very steep for this height, and which our pilot could not follow.  The a/c was again sighted and once more attacked from above and astern with a 2 second burst at 150yds, but the pilot's aim was upset by the fact that one of his cannons had jammed during the first attack and no strikes were seen.  The a/c then evaded by making a turn and the Spitfire returned to base.  The wing tips of the a/c were painted yellow.  No return fire is reported'.   
'13th Sept.  Two Typhoons I of 56 Squadron (F/lt. Ingle Finch and P/O Coombes) up at 1658 hours saw a Ju.88 and attacked it from ranges between 600 and 200 ft.  With both engines smoking the a/c disappeared through cloud and a large patch of oil on the sea marked its final resting place'.  
The paper is yellowed, dog-eared and has small edge tears/creasing and marking etc.  Stamped to upper right corner 'A.C.A.S. (G)' - Assistant Chief of the Air Staff.  A fascinating rare period document.  Stock code P22873-149.