RAF  Flying Instructions - Ju88

RAF Flying Instructions - Ju88

Code: P17003

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A.M. Pamphlet 114D. P/b, 15x24cm. 4/42 print date. 6p plus diagrams. Gives general information on the aircraft & then slightly more specific information on inspection of aircraft & operations to be carried out before starting. Section III covers starting the engine with IV & V dealing with take-off and flying. Landing & stopping of the engines is covered in section VI. All the information given is cross-referenced to an annotated pull-out photo sheet of the cockpit. The reverse of this has a diagrammatic layout of the cockpit instruments. This sheet is housed in a small pocket at the back of the notes along with a drawing of the Ju88.

Condition is not good. The cover is creased and has some staining with a partially split spine/fold. The inner pages are detached and have had repairs using gummed paper. The cockpit layout/photo sheet has also been rather crudely repaired with gummed tape with further stabilising repairs to this and the drawing sheet made using a high quality acid-free archive tape. This is not a fully detailed flying manual or pilot's notes but a very rare pamphlet issued to enable pilots to familiarise themselves with the German aircraft. This would put them in a good position to steal one should the occasion arise whilst evading capture in enemy held territory. Stock code P17003.