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RAF Flying Instructions - Messerschmitt 110

RAF Flying Instructions - Messerschmitt 110

Code: P17002


A.M. Pamphlet 114C. P/b, 15 x 24.4cm. 6/41 print date. 6p plus diagrams. Gives general information on the Me110 twin engined fighter and then slightly more specific information on operations to be carried out before starting.  This includes details of the electrical system, flying controls, engine and airscrew controls and instruments, undercarriage, fuel system, oil sytem etc.  There is also brief information on flying the aircraft.  All the information given is cross-referenced to an annotated pull-out photo sheet of the cockpit. A cutaway drawing of the fighter is found at the front of the pamphlet.  The cover is a bit creased and has dog-eared corners.  It is marked along the upper edge 'O.C. A FLIGHT'.  The pages are yellowed and have dog-eared edges.  Both diagram sheets have some creasing.  This is not a fully detailed flying manual or pilot's notes but a very rare pamphlet issued to enable pilots to familiarise themselves with the German aircraft. This would put them in a good position to steal one should the occasion arise whilst evading capture in enemy held territory. Stock code P17002.