RAF Forced Landing / Bale-Out Instructions

RAF Forced Landing / Bale-Out Instructions

Code: P20402


W: 12cm (4.7")H: 10cm (3.9")


General Instructions On Procedure And Use Of The Emergency Kit Following A Forced Landing Or After Baling Out.  P/b, 12 x 10.2cm, 40p.  Issued by RAF Transport Command.  Intended to assist the unfortunate airman to live off the land, build a camp, make a fire and survive.   Has tips on using kit from the aircraft and emergency rations and instructions on using the First Aid Kit (tropical or arctic).  Further information covers what to do if forced down in the jungle, barren/desert areas, Labrador, Newfoundland, Greenland or Iceland.  Illustrated with black and white cartoon drawings.  Good condition bar fairly light soiling and corroded staples.  Stock code P20402.