RAF target map - Berlin

RAF target map - Berlin

Code: P22522


W: 80cm (31.5")H: 80cm (31.5")


Target No. 3 (e) 95 (=A), Berlin (Johannisthal, Germany).  Approximately 80 x 80cm.  Heliographed by Ordnance Survey in  November 1943 with a January 1944 print date.  At the centre is a map of central Berlin.  Around this are the various possible approach lines to the target drawn as perspective views towards the city centre.  An important note states that 'it will be the responsibility of intelligence personnel to mark target in red (on center map and all perspective views) just prior to briefing'.  The map sheet would have been taken into the air as an aid to navigators and bombardiers in locating the target.  Folded/creased and has a small section cut out where the owner had signed it (see photos).  Extremely rare to find.  Stock code P22522.