The Rocket Racket - Rocket Projectile Firing

The Rocket Racket - Rocket Projectile Firing

Code: P21609


W: 20cm (7.9")H: 15cm (5.9")


A.P. 2802C. The Rocket Racket - An A.B.C. OF R.P. Firing. Restricted (For Official Use Only). P/b, 20 x 15cm. 28p, Air Ministry, Sept. 1944. A booklet explaining the various factors to be taken into account when firing rockets from aircraft. It describes the rocket's motion and the main differences between a rocket and a shell. It also explains what effect these differences have on the sighting problem. Written in easily understandable language with cartoon drawings etc. The cover is a bit gubby and dog-eared with some annotation.  Inner pages generally good. Excellent little booklet. Stock code P21609.