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RAF 1940 Pattern Gauntlets - Variant

RAF 1940 Pattern Gauntlets - Variant

Code: GA16233


These would appear to be an unusual variant of the rare chemically heated gauntlet introduced during the summer of 1940. Manufactured to the same pattern in the same 'raw' sheepskin shearling with chromed leather thumbs. They have a leather strap towards the end of the 'cuff' section, adjustable by means of press studs. They differ from the standard gauntlets in having no provision for the 'Everhot' chemical pouches and the usual inner pockets have never been fitted. In addition they have a set of small eyelets fitted to the end of each finger/thumb. I have no idea why this would have been done. Ventilation is one possibility but rather defeats the purpose of a warm glove!

Unfortunately this is not a true pair. What we have here is a 'pair' of right hand gauntlets. When placed in a display this isn't particularly obvious and having never seen a true pair of this variant I doubt you will find one. The gloves show some wear and soiling but are not too dirty considering the unchromed leather. The straps are good and A.I.D marked. The strap studs have some soft verdigris, ome of which has transferred to the body of the gloves. The main female stud is marked 'Worcester Make' and one glove has a small label inside 'Mens Large'. Worcester has a long established reputation for glove making. Very interesting item. Stock code GA16233.