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RAF B-type flying helmet

RAF B-type flying helmet

Code: H16715

£400.00 Approx $524.93, €445.43

By Frank Bryan Ltd.  Size 2 (67/8 - 7).  1941 dated.  The overall appearance is reasonable.  The leather is supple with good original finish on some sections but with loss of chroming / scuffing at the crown and upper left panel.  Here there is also some surface damage and peeling.  Fitted with zipped earpieces.  One in good condition, the other with some surface damage.  Both have original zips (one stiff but will probably move with care) and have faint Air Ministry stamps.  The rubber receiver carriers are fitted within. The leather has a surface 'bloom' in places presenting as a white deposit.  This can be wiped off quite easily and is possibly due to poor storage.  The chinstrap still retains the metal end piece and the Bennett buckle retains its somewhat worn leather covering.  The backstrap is also good and the rear Bennett buckle is very good.  The chamois lining has average soiling with most at the back of the neck and donuts, one of which has some damage.  Complete with 1941 dated maker's label and A.I.D marks.  Also named to the original owner.  Unwired.  Wiring, receivers, microphones and jackplugs can be supplied at extra cost if required.  With an original set of RAF rubber cushions inside the earpieces (not the more common RCAF issue).   Stock code H16715.