RAF aircrew portable oxygen cylinder, Mk.1A, 1940

RAF aircrew portable oxygen cylinder, Mk.1A, 1940

Code: O11250


Stores reference 6D/234 (with carrying bag*).  Portable oxygen was used by aircrew at high altitudes when working away from their normal crew positions.  The oxygen was supplied in 75-litre capacity black painted steel cylinders providing 10 minutes supply.  A gauge at the top indicated the amount of oxygen remaining.  Various stamps, contract/reference numbers are marked on individual parts.  The brass collar on the cylinder, stores reference 6D/432, is marked 'Mk.VB' and also has Air Ministry King's crown and 1940 date stamps.  The Mk.IXA brass regulator, stores reference 6D/221, is also Air Ministry King's crown marked and 1940 dated.  The reducing valve, stores reference 6D/227 also carries Air Ministry marks and 1940 date code as does the gauge.  Unusual to find an early bottle with all parts 1940 dated.  Condition is excellent.  These scarce items make an excellent display when attached to an oxygen mask via the tube (6D/101 connector) or extension tube (E/G/H-masks).  Please note that this item is very heavy and available for collection only due to postal restrictions. Stock code O11250.

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