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RAF type D oxygen mask

RAF type D oxygen mask

Code: O25193


Stores reference 6D/105.  Classic fabric oxygen mask synonymous with pilots and aircrew of the Battle of Britain period.  The overall shape of the mask is very good and the 'flexible' flat solder 'bar' used to shape the mask to the wearer's face is in place although broken on the right side of the nose (as worn).  The majority of the cloth covering is good but the mask is peppered with moth damage.  As usual, much of this is focussed around the nose and nose fold where there are holes, one of which has been 'patched' by the previous owner.  There are further holes on both sides and underside of the mask as shown in the photographs.  The chamois lining has light to moderate soiling and is in very good undamaged condition. The microphone mounting ring is a little chipped and the stamped reference numbers are just visible with the majority hidden beneath the adjacent cloth. This mask is fitted a pair of leather Commonwealth issue face defenders which appear to have been on the mask for a long time.  Sold as seen, unwired and without a microphone but these can be supplied separately if required.  Overall this is a reasonably good example of a now extremely rare mask and ideal for a Battle of France or Battle of Britain display.  Stock code O25193.
NB. The final photographs shows the mask fitted with an original type 18 microphone for illustrative purposes.  This is not included in the sale and is not for sale.