A.M. drawing/navigational instruments, cased

A.M. drawing/navigational instruments, cased

Code: M22189


W: 20cm (7.9")H: 5.5cm (2.2")D: 16cm (6.3")


By Aston & Mander (Est. 1789) & Co. of Old Compton Street, London.  A fine set of drawing instruments of the type used by draughtsmen, map-makers and to a certain extent, aircrew Navigators. Comprises two large compasses with jointed leg - both A.M stamped and 1939 dated; a small compass with jointed legs, A.M marked and dated 1939; a small ink drawing compass with jointed legs, A.M. marked and 1939 dated; two small bow compasses with wheel adjustment, A.M. marked and 1938/9 dated; a small bow compass for use with ink, A.M. marked and 1939 dated; two white bakelite handled drawing pens - both A.M. marked and 1939 dated. Also comes with various spare nibs,needles and screwdriver for making adjustments. In addition there is a small 1939 dated ebony (?) Air Ministry marked parallel rule, a 1939 dated A.M marked scale rule and an undated slide rule.  The instruments come in an attractive mahogany case with a 'shot' silk lined lid. The main instruments are housed in a fitted 'lift-out' velvet lined tray - this being slightly warped. The case has brass fittings and lock but the key is absent.  Any good locksmith should be able to make a suitable replacement. Inset brass plaque in the lid is engraved with 'A.M.' King's Crown and 1939 date. The set is in good to very good used condition. Oddly most of the instruments are made by Thornton and although the majority are a prefect fit, not every instrument is, possibly  suggesting some replacement parts. The box is in good overall condition though the left hinge appears slightly strained. A super set and very pleasing to look at and handle. Perfectly useable too. Stock code M22189.