RAF 'Observers' pocket watch

RAF 'Observers' pocket watch

Code: C23473


Di: 5cm (2")


Stores reference 6E/340, reissued as 6E/50.  Swiss made 15-jewel movement.  White metal case approximately 5cm diameter.  White dial with Arabic numerals and (originally) luminous hands plus subsidiary seconds dial.   Screw backed case with worn Air Ministry 'A.M.' markings, '6E/50', serial number and 1941 code engraved.  The dial is quite good but a little faded/discoloured/spot marked and the 'crystal' has only minor scratches.  Luminous paint has been removed from the hands at some point.  The case has normal wear and marking.  Some movement of the dial is evident when winding suggesting the case screws are a little loose but is in good working order when test run for 24 hour periods.  Pocket watches like these were preferred by navigators who found it easier to place the watch on their maps and charts whilst working.  Stock code C23473.