Press Photo - Flares, Flying Boat

Press Photo - Flares, Flying Boat

Code: P19758


W: 20.4cm (8")H: 25.9cm (10.2")


Black & white press photograph.  Approx. 20 x 26cm. Shows an aircrew member checking flares on a Saunders Roe flying boat. Captioned to rear 'Types of R.A.F. Aircraft - The Saunders Roe 'Lerwick' is a high wing all metal monoplane flying boat.  The aircraft which is powered by two Bristol Hercules engines develops 1,375 h.p. and is a long distance reconnaissance bomber.  It is equipped with 3 power-operated multi gun turrets. These pictures of the Lerwick were taken during operational duty.'  Picture shows : A rack of flares.'   Also stamped 'Ministry of Information Photographic Department'.

The corners are a little 'dog-eared' with one small tear and pin holes. Stock code P19758.