Press Photo - Halifax Maintenance

Press Photo - Halifax Maintenance

Code: P19760


W: 20.4cm (8")H: 26cm (10.2")


Black & white press photograph.  Approx. 20 x 26cm. Shows groundcrew under a Halifax bomber.  Captioned to rear ' Fine R.A.F. Groundwork That Keeps A Halifax Bomber On The Job - First to recognise and appreciate the fine work done by ground crews and maintenance staff in keeping R.A.F. machines in the air are the pilots themselves.  They know the real importance of apparently trivial details, they know that only by one hundred per cent thoroughness and efficiency in every job, large or small, is it possible to maintain the aircraft at the high state of efficiency essential if aeroplanes are not to remain operationally useless on the ground.  This series shows in detail many of the aspects of ground maintenance.  The aircraft are four-engined Halifax Bombers.  Picture shows : An egg going aboard.'   

The corners are a little 'dog-eared' and there are pin holes in the corners. Stock code P19760.