Press photo - RAF aircrew oxygen tests

Press photo - RAF aircrew oxygen tests

Code: P20626


W: 20cm (7.9")H: 25.5cm (10")


Press photograph, approximately 20 x 25cm.  Shows an airman testing oxygen equipment in a pressurised chamber.  He is wearing a type G oxygen mask and headset to enable him to speak to the controller.  Captioned to rear 'Looking for high fliers.  All the aircraft of warring nations are going upstairs.  To a fighter, height means tactical advantage over an opponent, to a bomber, relative immunity from ground defences. So there is a race between designers to produce aircraft with higher and higher ceilings and engines which will function at great altitudes....  These pictures illustrate some of the tests which are now almost a routine matter for RAF flying personnel.  Picture shows the controller make conditions for 50,000 feet.  He controls the time taken for both ascent and descent.'  Nice clear image.  Excellent condition.  Stock code P20626.