RAF 106 Squadron raid token, Bremen, 1942

RAF 106 Squadron raid token, Bremen, 1942

Code: P27183-78


An extremely rare handmade 'raid token' that would have been given to a crew who flew with 106 (pathfinder) squadron for the raid on Bremen on the night of 4/5th September 1942.  It appears to be a photographed drawing of a Lancaster bomber with oversized bombs falling from the bomb-bay, each with a crewman's name on it.  They were F/Sgt. Jones, Sgt. McNair, Sgt. Camplin, Sgt. Adamson, F/Sgt. Leavesley, Sgt. Cartwright and Sgt. Leonard.  Approximately 10.5 x 16cm, the image has been protected with glass and taped around the edge.  Such 'unofficial' awards were produced for significant raids.  With the introduction of a new three phase system, 106 was having an unprecedented run of successful operations.  'Illuminator' crews lit up the target area with white flares, so that visual marker crews could identify and mark the aiming point, while backers-up, spread through the force, kept the aiming point marked for the duration of the raid.  A force of 250 aircraft was employed on this sortie, of which thirteen Lancasters were provided by 106 Squadron.  They took off in an impressive eighteen minute slot either side of 00.30.  On arrival in the target area the crews encountered good weather conditions and a heavy and accurate response from the defenders.  According to the 5 Group ORB, ten of the crews had been briefed to attack the city, while three others were among a contingent of twenty-four assigned to the Focke-Wulf factory.  The 106 Squadron ORB suggests that all had been briefed to attack the factory however, and although the city was identified with ease, haze, smoke and fires prevented the factory from standing out, and bombing photographs would show that most missed the mark.  All in all the operation met with considerable success with the destruction of 450 houses, more than a thousand others seriously damaged and some industrial destruction.  For the second operation running, 106 Squadron brought back more target area photos than any other squadron in the Command.  Information found on this excellent site:


Stock code P27183-78.