RAF stereoscopic photograph - Dusseldorf, 1943

RAF stereoscopic photograph - Dusseldorf, 1943

Code: P22873-152


W: 14cm (5.5")L: 8.7cm (3.4")


Air Ministry Photograph, Stereoscopic No. 708 taken on 18th June 1943 over Dusseldorf.  The city was targetted on 11/12th & 13/14th of June.  The first raid saw 783 aircraft causing over 8,000 separate fires, kiling over 1200 people, bombing out 140,000 people and seriously damaging industrial and public buildings.  The two photos were taken from very slightly different angles such that when looked at through a special twin lenses viewer, the image appears almost three dimensional.  These 'negative' transparency photos show bomb damage from these raids and are mounted with card edges.  Extremely rare to find and in excellent condition.  Stock code P22873-152.