RAF Q-type dinghy sailing instructions & silk maps

RAF Q-type dinghy sailing instructions & silk maps

Code: S19307


W: 32cm (12.6")L: 32cm (12.6")


Scare instruction sheet and maps for sailing the RAF type Q dinghy.  Approximately 32 x 32cm, printed on silk or rayon, 10 double sided sheets c.1943 rivetted together in the upper left corner. The top sheet is illustrated with a line drawing of the dinghy accompanied with detailed set-up and sailing instructions for this relatively complex multi-man vessel.  The type Q was 16' long with a pointed bow and rounded stern, equipped with a 16' high twin sectional telescopic mast accomodating a mainsail and smaller foresail. Crutially, unlike the earlier J-type, it also had also a canvas keel and rudder enabling it to be steered with greater accuracy. The reverse side has a key map and the remaining 9 sheets contain 18 separate sea charts covering Iceland, Norway, Norway West, Faero Islands, Norway S.W., Irish Channel, English Channel, Spain, France (South), Adriatic, Gibraltar, Algeria, Greece & Tripoli, Anatolia & Egypt, Morocco, Cape Verde I & Senegal.  Each prepared by the Sea Rescue Drawing Office.  The charts have been folded and have crease lines but are very clean and undamaged.  Some edge fraying but in excellent overall condition.  Stock code S19307.