RAF Type H Dinghy Container

RAF Type H Dinghy Container

Code: S17506


W: 35cm (13.8")H: 50cm (19.7")D: 6cm (2.4")


Approx. 35 x 50 x 6cm. Rectangular cotton canvas 'bag' with fold-over flaps at each end that fasten using simple cords. The underside of each end flap has twin elastic straps for securing some equipment. The rest of the bag forms an open ended rectangle, the sides of which are heavily padded with enclosed tubes of what feels like horsehair. There are two other smaller sections of the rectangle similarly padded - see photos. Unfortunately my reference sources give no indication as to what this container was used for. The Type H dinghy was circular in shape with a seating capacity for five. It was fitted with a Co2 cylinder for inflation and had small rope ladders at the side to improve access from the water.
The storage container is in excellent condition. Stock code S17506.