RAF 'used' first aid snakebite lancet

RAF 'used' first aid snakebite lancet

Code: S23933


W: 6.2cm (2.4")Di: 1cm (0.4")


By Weiss, London. Chromium plated metal cylinder approximately 6cm long x 1 cm diameter. Removable end caps unscrew to reveal a small metal blade or lancet and a space for a potassium permangenate capsule.  The blade could be used to cut out the venom from a snake bite and the potassium permangenate (absent in this kit) applied to the wound.  The cylinder is engraved with the manufacturer's details. Light surface wear/marking but overall condition is excellent. These were issued as part of the contents of the tropical survival kit (27P/19) and also part of the kit included with the lightweight flying overall, better known as the 'Beadon' suit. Stock code S23933.