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WW2 Fry's Emergency Chocolate Rations

WW2 Fry's Emergency Chocolate Rations

Code: M25415-1

£45.00 each

Incredibly rare original wartime chocolate bars.  2oz bar of Fry's Chocolate 'Sandwich'. Purchased in a sealed/airtight (soldered) metal tin containing 24 bars (see photograph). The tin container is marked 'Emergency Chocolate Ration'. These bars were packaged early in the war before the shortages took effect which is why they have the pre-war full colour wrappers rather than the 'economy' ration chocolate labels. Examples of the same chocolate bars can be seen advertised in wartime newspapers dating from 1941 (see photograph). 

The bars are complete, unused and pretty much as good as the day they were packed some 80 years ago. They have very minor storage marks and do have a mild aroma (not unpleasant).  Not recommended for consumption. The type of thing aircrews may have had access to on base.  Priced per bar.  Please note that the tin, inner box and newspaper are shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the sale.  Stock code M254151-1/6.