RAF 1932 Pattern Mae West  - reproduction

RAF 1932 Pattern Mae West - reproduction

Code: MW21387


Reproduction 1932 Pattern Mae West.  This example was made for us some years ago by Paul French.  His are widely considered to be some of the best available, being accurate in pattern and construction using carefully hand dyed rubberised fabrics, individually cast buckles, printed labels and lightning branded zips.  The user instructions are in the correct font and sized/spaced as per originals.  It comes with a set of reproduction kapok pads joined with webbing tapes and stamped in the way that originals are.  Condition of the Mae West is generally very good.  There is some light fading and minor soiling but no damage. Since we originally sold it this one has had some 'artwork' added in the form of  a flying helmet/goggle wearing bird 'Chucky'.  These reproductions are relatively rare.  Paul didn't make a large number of these, producing them for his own collection, a few friends, the Battle off Britain museum at Hawkinge in Kent and a small quantity for us as part of a trade.  If you are in the market for a 1932 pattern Mae West but cannot find, afford or justify the cost of an original this is most definitely your best bet.  Stock code MW21387.