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RAF 1941 pattern Mae West & Stole

RAF 1941 pattern Mae West & Stole

Code: MW23778

£585.00 Approx $783.13, €700.6

Life-saving Waistcoat, Stole Inflated'.  Stores reference 22c/447.  The cloth is in very good undamaged condition.  It retains good strong colour but is a bit grubby with a few small stains.  One leg strap is absent but it is complete with both grab handles, tying tapes and original buttons, inflation lever pocket, skull cap/heliograph pocket and fluorescene flap/strap.  This is a relatively early variant that was never fitted with a floatation lamp pocket or lifeline and toggle  - these are not missing - just never fitted.  Excellent original  chromed 'Lightning' zip.  Label absent.   Also comes with the original stole (bladder), stores reference 22c/72.  The rubberized cloth of the main body has gone somewhat inflexible.  It isn't completely rigid but not as supple as it should be.  Sadly the oral inflation tube is completely rigid.  Not fitted with a circlip, inflation lever or CO2 bottle but these are all available to purchase separately.  Not a great stole and it will prove difficult to remove without causing damage to it.  Looks fine in place though.  Stock code MW23778.