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RAF 1941 pattern Mae West

RAF 1941 pattern Mae West

Code: MW22966

£550.00 Approx $695.32, €617.28

Life-saving Waistcoat, Stole Inflated'.  Stores reference 22c/447.  Size medium.  The cloth is in excellent undamaged condition.  It retains good strong colour and is generally clean with only light marking a couple of small stains.  The Mae West has all leg straps, both grab handles, tying tapes and original buttons, inflation lever pocket, skull cap/heliograph pocket, fluorescene flap/strap and lifeline and toggle.   This is a relatively early variant that was never fitted with a floatation lamp pocket or lifeline and toggle  - these are not missing - just never fitted!  Excellent original  D-o-T zip.  The label is present but washed out/illegible.  Air Ministry King's crown label.   A very good '+' to excellent used example.  Stock code MW22966.