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RAF A.S.R. 1941 Pattern Mae West

RAF A.S.R. 1941 Pattern Mae West

Code: MW15618


This unusual and relatively rare variant of the 1941 pattern Mae West was produced for the use of R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue launch crews. They are of similar design to the standard 1941 Pattern but of more basic construction without grab handles, dye marker or torch pockets etc. Variants also exist with no provision for inflation at all, reliant on kapok pads alone. Others, like this example, were intended for use with a standard inflatable stole (bladder) - although this had to be inserted into the waistcoat/outer through the bottom of the lobes as no zipped access was provided at back of the neck. It is likely that these 'stripped down' versions were introduced to save valuable raw materials towards the end of the war.

The cloth is generally in excellent condition and retains good even colour and only moderate soiling - mainly seen on the left front lobe.. The mae west retains the original tying tapes. A very good example. Stock code MW15618.