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RAF chemically heated ankle pouches

RAF chemically heated ankle pouches

Code: B14214/5


'Containers, Ankle'.  Stores reference 22c/454.  Small light tan coloured rubberized fabric pouches, approximately 10 x 13cm, with twin press-studded folding flap closure.  Elastic straps, stitched on each side of the pouch and at the base, linked them together such that a pouch was worn on either side of the wearer's ankle.  A chemical 'Everhot' bag would have been placed inside each pouch (stores reference 22c/453 - pads, heater, chemical, 1940 pattern gauntlets/boots).  These chemical bags were activated with a small amount of water and would then provide heat for several hours.  The pouches were intended to help keep bomber crews warmer on high altitude operational flights but were not popular and aircrews often complained of chemical burns.

The pouches are reasonably clean but are crumpled.  Clear Air Ministry marks with reference numbers and King's crown.  The side straps have been shortened and bottom/underfoot straps have been cut off but it would be easy to replace these if you wanted to restore them.  Please note that you are buying 4 pouches in total - 2 for each leg.  It is believed that some 'ankle' pouches may have been separated/cut down such that they could be stashed in pockets around the body to provide warmth.  Stock code B14214/5.