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RAF / RAE Electrically Heated Flying Boots

RAF / RAE Electrically Heated Flying Boots

Code: B20131


By Dowsing Co. Ltd.  Stores reference 22c/104/163.  'Boots, Flying, Electrically Heated', 12/24 volt.  Size 8.  Brown leather ankle boots with front zips, adjustable buckled straps at the top and substantial rigid rubber soles.  These boots were fitted with heating elements within the linings and a 2-pin plug connector at the top edge.  Although intended for use with the electrically wired Irvin flying suits, the heating elements often proved unreliable resulting in burns for the aircrew. Many had the plugs removed and were worn with several pairs of socks instead.   This 'pair' must have been used as such - although evidently worn as a pair one has a 12 volt system, the other is 24 volt and both boots have had the plugs removed.

The leather is generally in excellent condition.  The 'Lightning' zips are a little stiff but otherwise very good.  The soles and heels show only very light use and the linings appear good bar the loss of the plugs which could be replaced/added for display purposes.  Excellent straps/buckles.   Each boot is labelled and  has an Air Ministry crown ink stamp (left on faded).  A very nice pair of these rare boots.  Stock code B20131.