A Wartime Log - YMCA POW book

A Wartime Log - YMCA POW book

Code: P24548


W: 17.5cm (6.9")H: 24cm (9.4")


'A Wartime Log - A Remembrance From Home Through The American Y.M.C.A.'  Published by The Prisoners' Aid Of The Y.M.C.A., Geneva, Switzerland, 1945.  These hard-backed books were sent into Prisoner of War camps inside Red Cross parcels by the YMCA and were intended to help keep those occupants busy and entertained during their incarceration.  The diary provided space for a diary of stories, drawings and painting, poems, lyrics, photographs, clippings and so on.  This is the American version with red blocked title and liberty bell on the front cover.  A rare unused example complete with introductory letter sheet dated February 1945 and another sheet in German indicating this was later issued to  German/Italian POWs for their use c.1946.  Stock code P24548.