USAAF Gunner\'s File - Position Firing, 1944

USAAF Gunner's File - Position Firing, 1944

Code: P15046


W: 21cm (8.3")H: 28cm (11")


Army Air Forces Manual No.20 - Section of the Gunner's Information File 'Position Firing'.  Published by Training Aids Division, office of the assistant chief of air staff, training HQ, AAF in collaboration with AAF Instructor's School (flexible gunnery) and the US Navy. P/b, Approximately 21 x 28cm. 41p. May 1944. Information on position firing with optical and iron 35 Mil Rad Ring Sights against fighters attacking on the curve of pursuit.  Super informative manual, fully illustrated througout.  Covers deflection firing, hitting a moving fighter, aiming for nose, tail, side and top turret gunners etc. The cover is soiled and dog-eared and is loose.  Pages generally very good.  Stock code P15046.