USAAF standardisation handbook for B-17 pilots - history

USAAF standardisation handbook for B-17 pilots - history

Code: P24202


W: 12cm (4.7")H: 16.5cm (6.5")


Second Air Force Manual 50-44.  Approximately 12 x 16.5cm, 70p, September 1944.  'This handbook, which outlines standard operating procedures for the B-17, has been prepared as a guide for pilots.  It covers everything from preflight checks to emergency procedures, emergency flight operation, hydraulic system failures, electrical systems failures, instruments, propeller feathering and landing gear circuits and propeller feathering procedures.  In addition it covers take-off and landing issues, belly landings, landing with no brakes, abandoning the aircraft, fires, forced landings, ditching and life rafts etc.  This would have been essential reading.  Good overall condition and named to H.A.Paul.  We purchased one of Paul's uniforms and some paperwork and insignia back in 2003 and have recently repurchased some of the paperwork along with a large quantity of 8th and 9th AAF paperwork, manuals, photograph albums and so on.

Lt. Harvey Alexander Paul (0-800394) served as a pilot with the 568th Bombardment  Squadron, 390th Bomb Group, 8th AAF and completed 25 combat missions. On 24th August 1943 his aircraft 'Hot Rocks' was hit by enemy fighters and they were forced to ditch in the English channel.  Later he joined the 482nd Bombardment Squadron, 803rd Bomb Group (pathfinders).  Stock code P24202.