US Willy Jeep maintenance manual

US Willy Jeep maintenance manual

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W: 21cm (8.3")H: 27cm (10.6")

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US Technical Manual TM10-1207. Mainenance manual for the Willy's Model 'M.B. 1/4-ton 4 x 4 Government Truck.  Approximately 21 x 27cm, 142p, 1942.  Published by Willys Overland Motors.  Manual for the famed 'Jeep' or 'G503'.  Comprehensive driver's instructions and maintenance information covering everything from lubrication, periodic inspection, the engine, clutch, fuel, exhaust, cooling & electrical systems, transmission, prop shaft, axles, brakes, steering, frame, springs, body and tools.  The front cover and first 4 pages are missing but these just introduce the vehicle and have illustrative photographs.  The manual is quite heavily soiled (front page is worst) and dog-eared  with some paper loss and tears.  It looks tatty but remains quite useable.  Illustrated throughout with diagrams and photographs.  A really useful guide for one of the most  iconic wartime vehicles.  Stock code P24448.