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USAAF C-47 Dakota Service & Maintenance

USAAF C-47 Dakota Service & Maintenance

Code: P15605


N 01-40NC-1/2. Looseleaf, 27x21cm. Feb - Aug 1945 dated (revisions/amendments). 767p. Massive tome over 5cm/ 2" thick. Includes a general description of the aircraft and its controls; operating instructions; flight operating data; emergency operating instructions; operational equipment (heating/ventilation, oxygen systems, walkabout oxygen systems, comms equipment, armament, pilot's compartment, navigator's compartment, troop carrying compartment). Section two covers maintenance and includes shipment and erection procedure; handling and general maintenance procedures; major component parts and installations; useful or military load installations; finish specifications; charts and tables etc.

A superb reference work copiously illustrated with photos, diagrams, charts etc. Some of the pages are quite dog-eared and the first few a bit ragged. The board cover is damaged at the spine. This book contains all you could ever wish to know about the C-47. Fascinating insight into this fabulous aircraft. Stock code P15605.