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USAAF Notes on Curtiss Electric Propellers - Burtonwood, UK

USAAF Notes on Curtiss Electric Propellers - Burtonwood, UK

Code: P24215A-139


Card backed loose-leaf binder approximately 25 x 34.5cm containing various notes relating to the Instructional Division, Burtonwood Repair Depot, Warrington, England.  These include Curtiss Electric Propellers - installation, inspection and maintenance including schematic drawings; American standards of manufacture (Allison Section of Burtonwood Repair Depot) - removal of Allison V1710 engine in the Airacobra; Allison V1710-F3R Engine Operating Limitations (c.Sept. 1941 - Ministry of Aircraft Production sheets); Removal & Installation of Allison C-15 engine from Tomahawk (Curtiss P-40).  Towards the rear are sheets covering the care of tools and information on materials, rivetting etc.  These appear to have belonged to a Corporal Wakefield.  Control of RAF Burtonwood was handed over to the Americans in 1942, it becoming 'Base Air Depot Area' and 'Base Depot No.1' responsible for the maintenance and supply for all of the 8th and 9th AAF in England.  Worn/dog-eared but all prefectly legible.  Stock code P24215A-139.