USAAF / RAF Link trainer handbook

USAAF / RAF Link trainer handbook

Code: P19004


W: 21cm (8.3")H: 28cm (11")


AN 08-25-15, A.P.2285A.  Handbook Of Instructions - Instrument Flying Trainer.  Looseleaf, string bound, 21 x 28cm,154p, January 1944 revision. Published under the joint authority of the AAF and Air Council of the UK.  Marked as 'Restricted - For official use only'.  The famous Link trainer was used as a safe way to introduce both AAF and RAF pilots to the 'feel' of an aircraft and familiarise them with the controls. It featured a dummy aircraft fuselage powered by  various motors linked to the control column and rudder pedals. The instructor could mimic different flying conditions from his desk and pneumatic bellows would create realistic pitch and roll.  This comprehensive manual covers the base unit onto which the fuselage is mounted, the fuselage itself, vacuum system, motors, bellows and instructor's desk.  Illustrated throughout with photographs, diagrams and charts.  A little soiled and dog-eared but generally in good used condition.  A scarce and interesting manual.  Stock code P19004.