USAAF oxygen mask maintenance kit

USAAF oxygen mask maintenance kit

Code: O24642


W: 47cm (18.5")H: 33cm (13")D: 15cm (5.9")


'Kit, Oxygen Mask, Maintenance, Type Z-1.  By Yardley Industries, Property Air Forces, U.S. Army.  Specification No. 40622A. Order No. 20-017  44-11404'.  Circa 1944, this olive drab painted steel bound solid wooden case measures approximately 47 x 33 x 15cm.  It has twin clasp closures and a leather carrying handle (replacement?).  Full details are stencilled to the front and a pale blue band is painted around the case.  Sectioned inside with wooden dividers that create compartments and boxes used to contain tools and spare parts necessary for the maintenance of A-8B, A-10 and A-14 oxygen masks. Three of the boxes have hinged lids, stencilled with the details of what they originally contained and fitted with leather tabs for opening and lifting from the case.  The inside of the case lid has a canvas pocket riveted in place that contained technical orders and tools.  The paint on the outside is chipped/cracked/marked and the steel bindings have corrosion but the case remains in very good solid condition.  Internally it's a bit soiled but otherwise in very good original condition.  Sadly there are no contents remaining!  A lovely rare piece of kit that would have been found in very small numbers on every air base.  It makes an excellent display piece.  Stock code O24642.