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USAAF AN6510-1 seat type parachute

USAAF AN6510-1 seat type parachute

Code: S25935


By the Switlik Parachute Co., Trenton.  Consists of the full harness, backpad, seat pack with bungees, canopy with drogue, seat cushion and ripcord assembly.  The harness is in very good used condition bar light soiling and wear.  It is stamped with the manufacturer's details and 1940* date but this appears to have been altered.  This is the earlier type of harness with clips (dog-lead style) rather than the later Q/R box type.  The backpad is in good condition bar light soiling.  The pack is also by Switlik, in very good condition with 1940* date markings and serial number.  The pack contains an original correctly packed camouflaged canopy that is complete with the rigging lines and drogue parachute canopy.  When the pack was carefully opened it revealed a clear 1946 date on the drogue 'chute.  We did not delve into the main canopy as it has clearly been properly packed for decades.  Fitted with the correct seat cushion in excellent condition.  Printed details on this are largely obliterated but yet again, there is a 1940* date mark.  The assembly is complete with ripcord/handle and housing and the pack has original bungees fitted (one near severed, the remainder very good).  

*This parachute appears to be fitted with a civilian issue pack and the 1940 dates seem to have been 'created' from 1943 or 1946 date marks.  Nevertheless it is an impressive display piece in excellent condition.  Stock code M25935.