USAAF 8th AAF photograph album - J.J. Hamad

USAAF 8th AAF photograph album - J.J. Hamad

Code: P24215A-59


W: 34cm (13.4")H: 26.2cm (10.3")


Photograph album to 8th AAF groundcrew veteran Joseph J. Hamad (031242651).  Looseleaf faux leather hardbound covers embossed with aircraft, tank, warship and eagle.  There are approximately 200 photographs in total,  the first 60 of which relate to his family/friends in the USA.  The next 10 or so show him in uniform with friends/family and the majority of the remaining images are of him or his friends on or around air bases, mainly in the UK.  Many are quite small but Nissen huts, bicycles and servicemen can be seem.  The most interesting photographs (about 8) are of some aircraft identified to the 352th Fighter Squadron,  353rd fighter group (P-47s, based at Raydon) and 364FS, 357FG (Mustang/P-47s Raydon).  Others have been identified to the 83FS, 78FG at Duxford.  Nose art visible on some.  In addition there are some postcards sent from his girlfriend, Valentine and Christmas cards, a Thanksgiving menu for Thurleigh (Bedfordshire) c. November 1944 and a typed press release regarding a Coastal Command  sortie against U-boats attacking Allied shipping.  Hamad's machine made 8th and AAF shoulder patches have been glued to the the inner front page.  Stock code P24215A-59