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USAAF C-1 Survival Vest Pistol Holster

USAAF C-1 Survival Vest Pistol Holster

Code: S19392


Holster, Plastic, Waterproof. This is the holster for the .45 pistol, manufactured from semi transparent flexible plastic. When closed carefully, it would keep the .45 quite dry. The .45 pistol was always sealed in this case before being placed in the C-1 emergency sustenance / survival vest holster. In 'issued' vests these were stored inside the holster. Printed Instructions in blue ink read (indistinctly) 'FOLD ON LINES AND ROLL TIGHTLY CLOSE SNAP'.

Shows marking/soiling but remains flexible and is undamaged. The press-stud has verdigris deposits. Quite a rare find for the C-1 vest. Stock code S19392.